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What to look for when purchasing CBD cigarettes

First off, let us be clear that we are not telling everyone to go out and smoke. But if you are a smoker, there are cleaner methods out there. For an excellent summary of various smoking methods, their health indications, and how they interact with our body, HiVi’s latest article, “Smoking Cannabis: is it really that bad?” is a must-read. In the land of inhalants, not all products are created equal. From vapes to cannabis joints, there are a multitude of factors that should be considered when choosing your go-to products. Below you will find a break down of our CBD cigarette components and some key factors to consider for your next smoke sesh.

Rolling papers
Consumers have preferences toward various types of rolling papers due to the burn rate, taste, and how it compliments what you are specifically smoking. Wood pulp, rice, transparent cellulose, and hemp are the most common rolling papers available for most cannabis products. Often, rolling papers can be treated with chemicals and/or flavors with the purpose of controlling the burn and the taste. These additives have no business being inhaled and can do more harm than good. Bleached papers typically contain chlorine and calcium carbonate, and you are inhaling all of these chemicals when you use this type of rolling paper. Yikes! For more info on rolling papers, check out Herb’s article here.

LYTE utilizes 100% unbleached hemp paper. Though there will be chemicals present from smoking most anything, such as tar, keeping the chemical count down is very important when you choose to smoke. With unbleached hemp rolling paper, you are simply smoking a pressed version of the plant itself. There are no additives which provide a much cleaner smoke.

Many smokers do not think twice about the type of filter they are smoking from. Until recently, there have been few filter alternatives for traditional cigarettes, and consumers were used to the typical white, foam-like filter. This filter is often made of cellulose acetate, which is also used to make glasses frames and film base for photography. That doesn’t sound like something anyone would want smoke to pass through before hitting their lungs.

LYTE CBD cigarettes utilize a hemp filter. Yep, just 100% hemp. Aside from providing high-flow, this filter does not have additives and is also a more sustainable material. The hemp plant itself is gentle on the earth because of its endless uses. In terms of crops, hemp also requires much less land and water to thrive than other crops, such as cotton. Hemp filters provide both a smooth and sustainable smoke.

What’s Inside Counts
Once you’ve found a smoking product that provides a cleaner option for filters and rolling papers, the most important part is what you’re smoking. For a traditional cigarette made with tobacco, this contains the addictive stimulant known as nicotine. Please reference HiVi’s article for more helpful information on the difference between smoking tobacco and cannabis. Here, we will focus on hemp-derived cannabis. Consumers choose various cannabis strains for a plethora of desired affects. From terpene profiles to cannabinoids, the cannabis plant interacts wonderfully with our endocannabinoid system to provide a variety of health benefits ranging from a heathier sleep cycle to relaxation. But what should you consider when purchasing raw hemp flower or a product that contains hemp flower? First and foremost, only purchase product from companies that offer full transparency, meaning all ingredients are listed and a COA is readily available to you. And when you can, buy organic. Heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials are the main concerns when purchasing flower. A proper COA will have a full testing panel that provides these test results. Potency testing alone is not sufficient.

LYTE’s hemp and lavender blend is organic and sourced from USDA certified land. We proudly utilize ACS labs for stringent testing on our flower material. This information is readily available via QR code on all products, and links to a full testing panel. This panel includes potency, heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial testing.

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