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Whether exploring a new city with friends or taking a moment for yourself, we hope you enjoy LYTE.

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My name is Kristen, and I am the founder of LYTE™. I started my professional career in healthcare, and 9 years in, I woke up with an overwhelming sense of urgency to create change. I was filled with anxiety imagining a new career path as my skill set felt so specialized. After months of depressing career-related Google searches (turns out, my 13-year-old patients who went to coding camp were more hirable than me), the one area I kept circling back to was nature. Ever since I was a little kid, when the chaotic roar of the world became deafening, I would go into the woods and sit amongst the trees. As a young adult, I found mountain biking, and the experiences on the trails taught me more about life than so many of my college courses.

I craved finding that feeling in a career, and when I came across a video of a hemp farm, I felt myself come alive. I became obsessed with researching the medicinal qualities of the plant and how it interacts with our body. After a series of events, I was able to join a team and start a hemp farm in Colorado. As we began to process our plants into final products, my wife and I started making our own smokable blends. We loved the ritual of sitting on our porch at night and sharing a hemp pre roll. Our herbal blends became a staple for camping trips and nights out, and they eventually made their appearance at every dinner party and gathering.

We poured our love and soul into what soon came to be known as LYTE™ and knew it had to be made with only the cleanest ingredients. From our custom packaging to our organic hemp and lavender blend, LYTE™ prides itself in providing a smooth, sophisticated smoke that looks as good as it tastes.

As a queer, female-founded business, we want to say “welcome”. Thank you for supporting our business, it means everything

Kristen Stangel

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